What do i get by buying a snaggletooth's puppy?

All the matings at Snaggletooth's are very seriously and critically considered. We value not only health results, but well built and physical Pyrenean Mastiffs. The PM's origin is in live stock guard and it should still be able to do it's job. We pursue a compact and harmonic entirety, with no features popping up too much, nor forgetting about appearance. Personality traits that are valued at Snaggletooth's are: confidence, tranquility and discretion. However, we do wish to keep the guardian spirit, so that PM's can still pursue their work as a guard. We do not breed in-confident or plain aggressive dogs. We evaluate our dogs behavior everyday, mirroring it to the breed definition.

- You know for sure Your dog is a pure bred and registered Pyrenean Mastiff

- All the puppies are sold with official forms from Finnish Kennel Union

- The Finnish parents of all litters have been x-rayd for hips and elbows and the results are public in Koiranet

- Snaggletooth's knows the guidelines of our breed association and the breed definition

- All Snaggletooth's puppies have been checked by veterinarian, are micro-chipped and multiple times dewormed when leaving to their new homes

- Both breeders are members of Finnish Kennel Union and breed association, have been through breeding course and have signed breeders commitment administered by FKU