Iirismaan Zafira "Jane"

Finnish Champion

Jane is super easy to handle and has unbelievable ability to get along with everybody. She has never said a bad word to any other dog and is very friendly. She loves to swim and she would live in a lake if it was her call. Jane is unfortunately out of breeding.

Iirismaan Yulius "Aapo"
LV CH, LT CH, BALT CH, LVW-16, KBHW-16, SEW-16, LTW-17, HeW-17
Aapo came us as an adult. He is an imposing stud and he is on our breeding list. He has a typical silly male attitude and is slightly light headed. Big and strong male, 81 cm height and 85 kg weight. He is a very happy guy and shows it off by waving his head from side to side, like a young horse. Aapo has had one litter with 9 puppies and is no longer available for breeding.

Sakeros Teresa "Terttu"

Terttu is a very, very, lively creature and has taken her own place here. Terttu is a healthy 3-year old, but she has not so breed-like temperament, and is not for breeding.

Farmlands Badger "Urho"


Urho is a very tempermentic young boy. He has already shown some charismatic features in his personality. He is very happy and open minded.He also likes to do a lot, and nap times are over rated. Urho is living in a co-op home. Urho has been health examined to be healthy and hoepfully we will have some plans for him in the future.

Zelda Stajnia Dzieci Wiatru

Zelda is our newest addition from Poland. Very perky and living girl, who gets along with many kinds of animals. Zelda is living in a co-op family and is co-owned with Kennel Farmalands.

Sakeros Untitled

"Nuttu" is the daughter of our Aapo. She is now 14 months old and will be health examined during the spring 2019.