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Sakeros Untitled "Nuttu" Lithuanian Junior Champion 7.10.2018!

Farmlands Badger "Urho" Lithuanian and Estonian Junior Champion 22.4.2018

Zelda Stajnia Wiatru "Tinttis" BOB Puppy in Helsinki 22.4.2018

Aapo became the Helsinki Winner-17 in Winner shows in Helsinki 8.12.2017!

Aapo has received 3 new titles in the Spring, We went to Lithuania on March were he got LT CH, LTW-17 and Baltic CH titles. He has also received the title of International Champion, C.I.B!

From Stockholm Hundmässan Aapo got to take home three new titles:

Swedish Champion, Nordic Champion and Swedish Winner -16!

Super weekend!

Aapo achieved in September the titles

Copenhagen Winner 2016 and new Danish Champion!

Aapo is now our new

Latvian Champion!

Such a fine guy.

Unbelievable! Aapo was BOS and Jane BOB in International Show in Helsinki 21.5.2016, an Jane is the new Finnish Champion!

Jane was BOS in a group show 14.5.2016 and got her second CAC!

Aapo is our new Estonian Champion! He got his title past weekend in Tallinn Winner, 16.4.2016!

Aapo was BOB in an International Show held in Lahti 3.4.2016!